Virginia Cervieri

Virginia Cervieri is founding partner of Cervieri Monsuárez

How is digitalisation affecting IP enforcement?

The offline market is now turning into the online market. There has been a drastic change in the field of work, as the digital world has transformed everything. Some 80% of legal work is now conducted on online platforms and via social networks. Innovative measures are emerging, such as WhatsApp notices, hearings via zoom, among others.

How did you overcome the strongest IP challenge you have faced in recent years?

As a lawyer specialising in the fight against counterfeiting, one of the main challenges is to keep going and never give up. You are up against organised groups which are trying to harm you and your career. It’s important to remember that you are fighting against crimes that have a huge impact worldwide.

How has the pandemic affected the nature of the legal problems you are solving?

From a positive point of view, it has been possible to invite experts from around the world to our online seminars and training who it would not have been possible to have at in-person events. On the other hand, some legal procedures are more complicated. For example, the process of doing a container inspection in pandemic times is more complex.

Name three ways in which law firms can improve the advice they provide.

First, plan your global strategy for each case. When a decision is taken, it is important that the whole picture has been seen and analysed, and not just a specific event. Second, clearly define the problem, and always look for the best solution. Clear and certain answers are essential. Finally, provide a customised service for the client. It usually takes longer, and requires more effort, but it is essential for the client to feel understood and to build customer loyalty.

What is unique to IP protection as a profession? How has it changed since the start of your career?

IP law is so diverse. The range of cases is broad and each one is unique, requiring its own investigation with tailor-made solutions and strategies. And while the circumstances are constantly changing, the laws are still the same, and we must solve new problems with the same legislation.