Agenda 2021

2021  Working Agenda (subject to change)

Anti-Counterfeiting World Law Summit 2021 – Virtual Event – 22 June 

08.45 EST

Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks

09.15 EST

Keynote Speaker: Trends and challenges in the post-pandemic era

Moderator: Louise Butler, Global Head of Brand Protection, Diageo

  • Michael Moore, Associate General Counsel, Senior Director, Trademarks & Copyrights, Mattel, Inc

09.45 EST

New challenges arising from the pandemic

Brand managers tell how COVID-19 has affected their anti-counterfeiting strategies and the challenges ahead. Other issues include the role of intermediaries, how to demonstrate value and what sustainability looks like.

Panel Chair: Toe Su Aung, CEO, Elipe

10.20 EST

BREXIT: A Retreat from Uncomplicated Enforcement

A discussion on global brands based in the UK and the Continent regarding the challenges faced in enforcement strategies and the resulting changes that have occurred in anti-counterfeiting activities.

Moderator: Toe Su Aung, CEO, Elipe

10.45 EST

A Prescription for Counterfeit Tracing Vaccines, Anti-Bacterials and PPE

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the dangers of counterfeit vaccines, treatments and medical equipment. What are the challenges faced by healthcare companies, and how can they be addressed?

Q&A Interview:

Moderator: James Nurton, Director, Lextel Partners LTD

  • Tapio Blanc, Chief Trademark Officer, Hoffmann-La Roche AG


11.30 EST

Guarding Global Borders

A Customs/Law Enforcement Panel discussion about the intricacies of stopping counterfeits before they pass through our borders and case studies on working in cooperation with brands/the private sector. The discussion will provide insights into how new technologies can help anti-counterfeiting strategies, and what brand owners can do to identify and disrupt counterfeit trade.

  • Blanca Arteche Arbizu, Head of Enforcement and SME Service, EU Observatory on Infringement of IP Rights
  • Brian Weinhaus,  Unit Chief, National IPR Center

12.00 EST

Anti-counterfeiting in Israel

Available measures in Israel for confronting imports and distribution of counterfeits, customs procedures, police measures and court proceedings

Roy Kornick, Partner, Advocate, Head of Enforcement Practice, Gilat, Bareket & Co, Reinhold Cohn Group

12.20 EST

Sporting Challenges –  Who owns the IP and who can enforce it?

Sports brands have some unique IP challenges. The panel will discuss strategies for IP protection and enforcement issues in this sector.

Moderator: Jason M. Drangel, Partner, Epstein Drangel

  • Ed Barker, Head of IP and Legal Governance, Manchester United Football Club
  • Ryan Adams, Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs, NBC Sports Group

12.50 EST


13.20 EST

Brand-Centric Technology & Consumer-Centric Technology: Which Anti-Counterfeiting Approach fits Best?

Counterfeiting is a major and growing problem worldwide that businesses continue to lose significant revenue every year while leaving a profound impact on society. Badly made and potentially dangerous products get in the hands of consumers and can cause a negative impact on the brand owner’s image. SICPA has significant experience dealing with this challenge in all parts of the globe and with highly diverted products in various industries such as wine & spirits, luxury and cosmetics.

In this 30-minute presentation delivered by Ilham Chahboune, Business Development Director at SICPA, we will delve into:

  • The “which, when and why” of using Brand-Centric Technology and Consumer-Centric Technology in deterring counterfeits
  • The insights towards these two approaches that is based on concrete experiences with prestigious international clients who have trusted SICPA’s time-tested technologies
  • The importance of a brand owner’s preventive brand protection strategy

Ilham Chahboune,  Business Development Director, SICPA

13.50 EST

How security markings support investigation and raid organization

What are the requirements/prerequisites for secure product authentication? This talk will provide insights on achieving the highest possible participation (scan rate) and how the collected data helps identify the origin of counterfeits.

  • Florian Tute, Sales Director Central & Northern Europe, tesa scribos®

14.10 EST

Legally Counterfeit : Marijuana – It’s all grown-up

Panel Chair: Jesse Bader, Associate, Epstein Drangel

  • Navid Brewster, Corporate Counsel, Loudpack
  • Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants

14.40 EST

Border Enforcement/Canada Enforcement

Introduction and Panel Chair: Lorne M. Lipkus, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP

  • Melissa Tarsitano, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP
  • John Maltbie, Director of Civil Enforcement, Intellectual Property, Louis Vuitton North America

15.15 EST

Exhaustion of Rights

The session briefly explores the history in the UK of exhaustion of rights before focussing on the current position, post-Brexit and a discussion on the future from a legal and practical perspective.

Ian Gill, Partner, AA Thornton

Dan Byrne, Partner, Barrister, AA Thornton

15.50 EST

Protecting brands in the digital age

Daniela Della Rosa, Partner, Curtis

Eric Stenshoel, Partner, Curtis

Nicole Mazanitis, Partner, Curtis

16.05 EST


16.15 EST

Spotlight on: Latin America

This panel will explore the ways of both the offline and online enforcement, explaining the possible actions that can be taken in order to protect IP rights and have a successful brand protection. With Virginia’s view as an IP lawyer, together with Diego’s view as the CEO of a software that monitors infringing publications and Julie’s experience as a brand protection manager, the panel will portray the circumstances and problems professionals may face in their careers in Latin America

16.30 EST

SME Spotlight: Protect Brand Reputation, Revenue and Profitability

Discover why small and medium sized businesses are suffering such high levels of IP infringements in an increasingly globalized economy and how to fight back with technology.

  • Amir Nazemi, Director, Strategic Alliances & Business Development, Smart Protection

16.45 EST

Online Platforms – The Latest Protections & Perspectives 

Q + A with online and social media platforms discussing new enforcement tools and gaining platform perspectives on newly proposed legislation globally

Chair: Ashly Sands, Partner, Epstein Drangel

  • Guadalupe Yamila Garcia Crespo, Head of Intellectual Property, Mercado Libre
  • Julien Dudouit, Global Brand Relations Sr. Manager Legal & Government Affairs, eBay
  • Michael Moore, Assistant General Counsel, Senior Director, Trademarks & Copyrights, Mattel
  • Louise Butler, Global Head of Brand Protection, Diageo

17.10 EST


Jason M. Drangel, Partner, Epstein Drangel

James Nurton, Director, Lextel Partners LTD