Agenda 2022

2022  Working Agenda (subject to change)

Anti-Counterfeiting World Law Summit  – 18th October

09. 00

Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks


Legislative round-up: Which market can now offer the strongest brand protection   

A brief overview of the latest texts of the Shop Safe Act, USA, and the EU Digital Services Act, along with a look at the impact of the new Online Transaction Measures in China which came into force 1 May 2021.  


Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 1 – PHARMA 

Jenny Barker, Director, Global Anti-Counterfeiting, GSK  


Delegates choose from plenary sessions or an interactive workshop

PANEL DISCUSSION: Protecting and engaging the customer 

Consumers don’t want to authenticate a product before buying it. And some brands don’t want to raise the issue of counterfeiting in case it creates panic in the marketplace, consumers switching to another brand and simply leading to a loss of business. So how best should brands treat and educate the customer about what’s damaging brands? 

10.10 – 11.10 – Workshop #1

New methods of Track and Trace 


Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 2 – LUXURY 


Morning refreshments and networking


Delegates choose from plenary sessions or an interactive workshop

Preparing for a Brave New World – what you need to know NOW about the impact of the Metaverse and NFTs on your brand

Some say it’s merely hype or the latest ‘buzzwords’ whilst others have jumped in feet first to create dedicated businesses to explore marketing and commerce in the Metaverse. Hear from those who are leading the way with their innovation and presence in the virtual world and find out why they believe this is the future of fashion.

11.30-12.30 – Workshop #2



Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 3 – Enforcement 3.0: Developing an Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy for the Metaverse

Mark Bearfoot, Senior Legal Director for IP and Brand Protection, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe 




Delegates choose from plenary sessions or an interactive workshop

Recent developments in online selling – examining the evolution of online platforms and the tough evidential challenges arising from ‘live’ selling 

13.15-14.15 – Workshop #3

How best can you now protect your brand in China?


Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 4 FMCG 


Delegates choose from plenary sessions or an interactive workshop

PANEL DISCUSSION: Is collaboration key? – lessons we can learn from the anti-piracy industry 

In some regions of the world, stolen content represents as much as half of all video content consumed. We look at a selection of successful anti-piracy approaches from around the world and ask if these enforcement practices can be translated to the anti-counterfeiting sector.  

14.15-15.15 – Workshop #4



Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 5 – ELECTRONICS/TECHNOLOGY 


Afternoon refreshments and networking


IN CONVERSATION: Grey market insights and brand impact 

Whilst not illegal per se, the grey market isn’t officially sanctioned by brands, either. These products can harm relationships with distributors and damage product reputation. Grey market websites can’t offer manufacturer warranties or guarantee that regulations are met in a specific country, so how should global brands best take a cohesive stance against supplying unauthorized dealers?  


PANEL DISCUSSION: Customised/upcycled products and the circular economy 

Does this infringe the trademark, dilute the brand, create unfair competition, or cause reputational damage and confusion? 


PANEL DISCUSSION – Examining the latest trends in Global Border Enforcement 

How best can you work with Customs to support your anti-counterfeiting strategy and remain relevant. How can you effectively train law enforcement on your brand? 


Conference Summary 


Book launch


Networking drinks