Agenda 2022

2022  Working Agenda (subject to change)

Anti-Counterfeiting World Law Summit  – 18th October

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Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks

Louise Butler, Global Head of Brand Protection, Diageo


Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 1 – Pharma

Global trends, future challenges and case studies from the pharma industry

Katie Silk, Director Global Security Investigations, AstraZeneca UK Limited 


Hunting Down and Stopping Medical Device Counterfeiters

Counterfeit medical devices have become a global threat to hospital supply chains and patients in the United States and across the globe. It is estimated that each year billions of dollars of counterfeit medical devices — that can cause serious injury or death — are used in operations.  This presentation will review the use of civil trademark actions to stop counterfeiting and unlawful diversion of medical devices with a focus on civil enforcement, election of damages, asset freezes and ex parte seizure orders. A case study will be presented about the use of counterfeit hemostatic devices in thousands of U.S. patients and tens of thousands of patients worldwide.

Roy Albiani, Director, Global Brand Protection, MedTech, Johnson & Johnson

Geoffrey Potter,Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP


Workshop hosted by Corsearch

Gen Z and evolving e-commerce & digital experiences: What brands can do to protect their IP in the emerging online environment

Gen Z is the most influential force behind how we experience shopping, make social interactions, and discover content online. New research shows that Gen Z now prefers TikTok to Google to discover content online. Gen Z also uses social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube as their top source of shopping inspiration. A recent study by Obsess (an ‘interactive virtual store platform’) showed that 75% of Gen Z shoppers have purchased a digital item within a video game and that 60% of these young shoppers think that brands should sell their products on metaverse platforms.   

Many brands choose to enter these new channels just to find out that infringers have already infiltrated these platforms and exploited fast-moving digital trends. In this session, we’ll discuss these emerging trends and the threats observed, and share some of the best practices to protect your brand’s IP. 

Svetlana Ilnitskaya, Director of Customer Strategy, Corsearch


Morning refreshments and networking


Preparing for a Brave New World – what you need to know NOW about the impact of the Metaverse and NFTs on your brand

Some say it’s merely hype or the latest ‘buzzwords’ whilst others have jumped in feet first to create dedicated businesses to explore marketing and commerce in the Metaverse. Hear from those who are leading the way with their innovation and presence in the virtual world and find out why they believe this is the future of fashion.

  • What are they, what impact do they have and what does it mean for brand protection?
  • Do normal laws apply in a digital universe
  • Can you have counterfeits in the metaverse?
  • Do trademark rights apply if it’s a digital item?
  • Is it more IP infringement than counterfeiting? Will an avatar explicitly pass off a Chanel handbag? Look at the MetaBirkin example.
  • How to register brands in the Metaverse and as NFTs
  • How do you give notice and do takedowns even happen?
  • MetaBirkin case

Tim Stok, Public Affairs –Tencent EMEA

Zach Toczyński, Sr. Director, Global Brand Protection, Levi Strauss & Co

Svetlana Ilnitskaya, Director of US Customer Strategy, Corsearch


Workshop hosted by Epstein Drangel LLP  

Strategically protecting brands and developing creative solutions to contend with chronic counterfeiting in China
Epstein Drangel LLP will be sitting down with Bang & Olufsen along with a popular streetwear brand to discuss the latest and ongoing counterfeiting issues faced in China and some creative and innovative strategies that they have employed as of late to address them. 

Morten R Serup, Senior Brand Protection Officer, Bang & Olufsen

Jason M. Drangel, Managing Partner, Epstein Drangel, LLP   

Ashly E. Sands, Esq. Partner, Epstein Drangel LLP 





Workshop hosted by Stobbs

The Metaverse and Web 3.0: where are we now on enforcement and commercialisation?

Questions around the Metaverse have dominated discussions around brand and IP in 2022. This session will take a discursive approach to analysing best IP practices in this space,  identifying common issues, and forecasting what the future will hold for brand owners. This session will look at:

  • Managing IP in the Metaverse
  • How brand owners are engaging with the Metaverse
  • IP enforcement toolkit –  practical solutions and investigation best practices
  • Regulation in Web 3.0 – taming the Wild West.

Richard Ferguson, IA Director, Stobbs

Tom Ambridge, Online Brand Enforcement (OBE) Specialist, Stobbs


PANEL DISCUSSION: Protecting and engaging the customer

Consumers don’t want to authenticate a product before buying it. And some brands don’t want to raise the issue of counterfeiting in case it creates panic in the marketplace, consumers switching to another brand and simply leading to a loss of business. So how best should brands treat and educate the customer about what’s damaging brands? 

Ronald Brohm, Managing Director, REACT – The Anti-Counterfeiting Network

Michael Thwaites, UK Security Director, Estee Lauder Companies Inc UK and Ireland 


Dr Xuemei Bian, Professor in Marketing, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University 


Sustainable disposal of counterfeit goods
Panel Discussion hosted by Cervieri Monsuarez

Piracy is a constantly growing trend worldwide. This forces trademark holders, together with the authorities, to take action in order to withdraw infringing products from the market. When this occurs, the regulations provide that destruction is the final destination of such merchandise. Currently, we are working on the adoption of sustainable techniques to recycle most of the waste generated in the destruction process, converting it into raw material for the creation of new products.  

In this panel, we will discuss the challenges and progress achieved in the implementation of sustainable techniques for the destruction of counterfeit products in order to contribute to the environment, the circular economy and society in general, using a negative fact such as piracy as a starting point. 

Dr Viriginia Cervieri, Senior Partner,
Cervieri Monsuarez

Danielle Prince, International IP Enforcement Director, Popsockets 

Chloe Long, Global IP & Brand Protection Lead, Superdry


Afternoon refreshments and networking


IN CONVERSATION: Grey market insights and brand impact

Whilst not illegal per se, the grey market isn’t officially sanctioned by brands, either. These products can harm relationships with distributors and damage product reputation. Grey market websites can’t offer manufacturer warranties or guarantee that regulations are met in a specific country, so how should global brands best take a cohesive stance against supplying unauthorized dealers?

Lorne Lipkus, Partner, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP (Moderator) 

Kirsty Bracher, International Brand Protection Manager, Havaianas

Sheena Yonker, Brand Protection & IP Manager, Lipsy Group 


Workshop hosted by Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP

Recent developments online – examining the evolution of online platforms, IP enforcement and the evidential challenges arising from ‘live’ selling

The developments of new online marketplaces, including shoppable functions added to social media outlets, have played a significant role in the growth and continuing global threat of counterfeits. The multi-faceted ecosystem of e-commerce platforms enables counterfeit networks to operate efficiently and easily target consumers.  Additionally, live stream selling has grown and prospered due to the COVID pandemic and the efficiencies various  platforms provide to users. Live sellers are often difficult to police as the live videos disappear so quickly and are not always archived, making it tough to secure evidence of counterfeiting. Rights holders should work towards a comprehensive approach online that can assist them in effectively eliminating criminal networks that continue to circumvent detection and enforcement.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Is collaboration key? – lessons we can learn from the anti-piracy industry 

In some regions of the world, stolen content represents as much as half of all video content consumed. We look at a selection of successful anti-piracy approaches from around the world and ask if these enforcement practices can be translated to the anti-counterfeiting sector.  

Stephanie Luson, Head of Client Engagement, Altia (moderator) 

Kieron Sharp, CEO, FACT 

Matthew Hibbert, Director of Group Anti-Piracy Programmes & UK/ROI Operations, Sky  

Lee Kent, Content Protection Manager, Anti-Piracy, beIN MEDIA GROUP


Anti-Counterfeiting Use Case 5 – FMCG

Mark Ruffels, Senior Director, Global Brand Protection Operations, Procter & Gamble


Conference Summary 


Book Launch


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