Agenda 2023

2023  Working Agenda (subject to change)

Anti-Counterfeiting World Law Summit  – 18th October


Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jason Drangel, Partner, Epstein Drangel LLP

Danielle Prince, Former International IP Enforcement Director, PopSockets and Former Global Anti-Counterfeiting Counsel, Reckitt


In Conversation – Learn how to hunt down and stop pharmaceutical counterfeiters

Patterson Belknap partner Geoffrey Potter and Lori Mayall, Head of Anticounterfeiting & Brand Protection for Gilead Sciences, will present a case study of a criminal ring that sold more than $250 million of counterfeit antiviral medication to US pharmacies nationwide.  As the top anti-counterfeiting executive at Gilead, a global pharmaceutical company with a market value of $100 billion, Ms. Mayall will also speak about Gilead’s brand protection program and related challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry.  

Geoffrey Potter, Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

Lori Mayall, Sr. Associate General Counsel, IP and Head of Anti-Counterfeiting/Global Product Security, Gilead Sciences Inc.


Panel Discussion: Employing Creative Solutions and Cooperative Tactics to Sell Your Enforcement Efforts to The Business

Join Amazon, Phillips, Brother and the PIPCU as they discuss cooperative actions and sharing costs and efforts to provide big-impact, cost-effective solutions to counterfeiting that are attractive to internal business teams

Andrew Masterson,  Disruptions and Engagement Lead, PIPCU

Grant Lucas, Sr. Industrial Specialist, Amazon Legal UK/ Europe/ Middle East/ Africa

Ximena Valle Mesen,Assistant Manager – Supplies Business Protection, Brother International Europe LTD

Jan de Visser,
Brand Protection Lead, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards




Trends in Trading of Counterfeit Goods

How have the demographics around counterfeits changed in the last 10 years?

Eve Alexander, Head of Intelligence Analysis, UK IPO


Panel Discussion – Examining successful cooperation strategies for Global Border Enforcement and On-the-Ground Enforcement

How best can you work with agencies to support your anti-counterfeiting strategy and maintain visibility?

Andrew Masterson, Lead for Disruption and Engagement, PIPCU

Phil Lewis, Director General, ACG

Jack Otto, Senior Investigator IPR, OLAF (the European Anti-Fraud Office)

Ronald Brohm, Managing Director and Founder, REACT 


Use Case – Counterfeit alcohol – cooperation across borders

As we continue to see increased involvement by serious organised crime groups in spirits counterfeiting, this case study involving a counterfeit rum operation demonstrates how cooperation between brand owners and law enforcement across borders can ultimately lead to success.

Martha Lopez, Europe Brand Protection Manager, Diageo Great Britain


Panel Discussion: Tackling IP Infringements in Africa

Stories from Content & Brand Protection field operations in Africa and further afield to show the variety of ways of tackling IP infringement, including complementary strategies to litigation.

Vincent Helluy, Head of Illicit Trade Risk Management – Content & Brand Protection, Forward Global

Guillaume Doane, Consulting Director at 35°Nord

Richard Amalvy, Chief Executive, The Brazzaville Foundation

Iain McLeod, Brand Protection Anti Counterfeit Manager, Diageo

Alexandra Willis, Consultant, Forward Global 






Fireside Chat: How sustainable disposal can provide rights holders with a low-cost, end-to-end solution for more effective and constructive disposal of counterfeit goods

Sustainable disposal not only ensures that all falsely branded goods that are processed never return to the market but also relieves the heavy burden on customs administrations to dispose of counterfeit goods. And disposal methods, such as closed loop recycling, can also offer financial benefits for companies. By reducing the need for raw materials, companies can lower their production costs, which can help to increase profits and competitiveness. Our speakers will discuss the challenges and results that large companies face worldwide when it comes to destroying merchandise.

Dr Virginia Cervieri, Senior Partner, Cervieri Monsuarez

Surender Sharma, Legal Director, Northern Europe Hub, Colgate-Palmolive

Ben Guy, Director IP Protection & Enforcement, Dolby Laboratories


In Conversation: Recent Successes in Online Enforcement Actions

Ashly Sands of Epstein Drangel LLP will discuss her firm’s own recent success in pursuing an online marketplace for contributory infringement in the U.S. and has invited counsel for luxury goods conglomerates to speak about their recent successes in online enforcement

Ashly Sands, Partner, Epstein Drangel LLP

Leo Longauer, Director Brand Protection, LVMH Paris

Kate Anthony Wilkinson, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, Mulberry


Fireside Chat: Hiding in plain sight: A deeper dive Into Hidden Links, Live Selling and “Dupe” Influencers

Bad actors are employing new tactics and deceptive practices to promote and sell counterfeit goods while strategically circumventing detection and enforcement. There are a handful of new trends to be mindful of as consumers continue to spend most of their time scrolling and shopping online. Hidden links are used to evade marketplace policies and restrictions on the sale of illegal products but after a scan of various social media platforms and sharing sites, hidden links are often hiding in plain sight.  Additionally, in recent years, the term “dupe” has taken on a new meaning and some individuals have made a career of promoting what are actually counterfeit goods to consumers.  Identifying prevalent online trends and implementing appropriate and consistent enforcement strategies remains an important part of a well-rounded and proactive brand protection program.

Lorne M. Lipkus, Partner, Lipkus Law LLP

Melissa J. Tarsitano, Associate, Lipkus Law LLP


Use Case: Protecting revenue & reputation at Liverpool FC

Paul Dicken, Director, Brand Protection, Liverpool Football Club




Panel Discussion – Examining the role of intermediaries and third parties in protecting the supply chain against counterfeits

An overview of the different parties involved in the supply chain of counterfeits – from the shipment of the product, the processing of payment for it and sale on ecommerce platforms and other websites. What can these players do to minimise the presence of counterfeits? How can they collaborate with each other and with brand owners to deal with this scourge?

Vural Ocali, Legal Counsel/Risk Director, Arkas Holding SA

Julien Dudouit, Deputy Head of Global Brand Relations, eBay, Inc

Martha O’Neill, Illicit Trade Prevention Manager, Philip Morris International

Moderator: Toe Su Aung, Director, Elipe Limited


Anti-Counterfeiting in a Barbie World

Mattel has had “Kenough” with infringing and counterfeiting following the release of its billion-dollar hit movie Barbie this summer. Michael Moore, Head of Intellectual Property – Content and Brands for Mattel, sits down with Mattel outside counsel Jason M. Drangel, of Epstein Drangel LLP, to discuss how Mattel has “Beached Off” the bad guys.

Michael Moore, Associate General Counsel, Senior Director, Intellectual Property – Brands and Content, Mattel Inc.

Jason M. Drangel, Partner, Epstein Drangel LLP 


Conference summary

Jason Drangel, Partner, Epstein Drangel LLP

Danielle Prince, Former International IP Enforcement Director, PopSockets and Former Global Anti-Counterfeiting Counsel, Reckitt


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