Danielle Prince

Danielle Prince is head of brand protection, EMEA and APAC at PopSockets

How is digitalisation affecting IP enforcement?

Digitalisation has made counterfeit products more available and accessible to consumers. Some platforms are not responsive and proactive which means that listings can be visible for longer periods of time.

What is the biggest factor to consider when evaluating possible IP expansion?

It is always key to evaluate how the IP is supporting the business. Assessing what is the objective for the IP – is it to secure enforceable IP or any potential defensive filing strategy.

Who has been the biggest inspiration of your career?

My mother would be my inspiration, she believed strongly that education provided opportunities and also taught key strengths such as resilience and a strong work ethic.

What one brand can you not do without? 

GHD hair straighteners.

Name three way in which law firms can improve the advice they provide.

  1. Keep it simple and easily to digest.
  2. Be consistent and clear with advice.
  3. Don’t give long essays for advice emails.

What is unique to IP protection as a profession? How has it changed since the start of your career?

That IP can be valued in so many ways to the business and you can really add value to support the growth and objectives of a brand and business you work within.