Ronald Brohm

Ronald Brohm, a Dutch national, is the Managing Director and founder of business association REACT (European Anti-Counterfeiting Network) with offices in Amsterdam, Aachen, Buenos Aires, Guangzhou, HoChiMinh City, Istanbul, Lisbon,  Madrid, Milan, New Delhi, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Skopje and Vilnius. 

In 1985, Ronald completed the Final diploma of Dutch law in the field of Social Economical Law at the Rijks Universiteit of Utrecht (R.U.U.).  The same year he completed his Post-doctorate of European  Business Law at the University of Utrecht and the following year his Post-doctorate in International Commercial Law at the University of Amsterdam.

Ronald started his carrier in 1987 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.  Since 1991 he has held the position of Director and founder of REACT, The European Anti-Counterfeiting Network (April 1991), which he developed into a worldwide anti-counterfeiting network for more than 300 multinationals, owners of world’s most famous brands and operational in > 100 countries with 160 staff.  The network manages almost 90.000 anti-counterfeiting cases annually.

Ronald is a speaker and short term expert for various international bodies like WIPO, EU, OHIM,  WCO on IPR enforcement issues in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Asia-Pacific Region and Latin America.

Over the years Ronald has been the author or editor, of a number of articles and papers namely, Ars Aequi:  Intellectual Property Rights and GATT (1988), Company Law Review: Dutch Anti-Counterfeiting Act (1991), IUST:  Fighting Counterfeiting (1992), Benelux Trademark Review:  Border measures against counterfeiting (1999) and Dossier:  Review of the anti-counterfeiting measures (2001), World Commerce Review (2014): Brand enforcement strategy; public and private enforcement considerations, (2017) Brand Protection Professional, Landlord Liability Case European Court of Justice.