Sheena Yonker

As Brand Protection & IP Manager for Lipsy Group, my role is diverse in terms of what I’m involved with across the business.  

The IP management side deals with managing the IP portfolio (trademark coverage in countries where Lipsy has a presence; managing the company domain names including dot brand; and legal cases). 

Whereas for Brand Protection, I direct action of mostly online enforcements to reduce infringements, but I also manage other aspects of the brand’s online presence.  

Lipsy is part of the Next Group and thus has a strong foundation but with different Brand Protection issues.  Having worked for the company for 10 years, I have witnessed the company’s evolution and therefore have an in-depth knowledge of the Lipsy business.  

Lipsy has launched two new brands recently (Love&Roses and Friends Like These); is part of two Joint Ventures (Victoria’s Secret and Gap); and has a subsidiary Next Beauty.